July 26, 2010

Cheap safe way to clean LCD, Plasma, CRT, HDTVs, Tablet, Smartphone and other types of monitors and TVS

We all probably seen those LCD cleaning kits at our local electronic store which contains a microfiber clothe and LCD blue cleaning solution in a tiny spray bottle, and they costs 10-30 US dollars which is kind of expensive to use for cleaning your screens for your monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

However, for 5 dollars or less, you can just use a microfiber clothe from a dollar store or even the super market which sell cleaning supplies. Microfiber cloth are good for cleaning eye glasses since they are incredibly soft and smooth, so they won't scratch your expensive eye glasses. If microfiber cloths are good enough to clean designer sun glasses and regular glasses, they are good enough to clean your expensive TVs and monitors. When wiping your monitor, use gentle wipes and make sure your clothe is clean of all dirt and dust to avoid damaging or scratching your TV or monitor. Avoid putting pressure on your LCD monitor. You should gently glide your clothe against the screen without pushing against it. Too much pressure can damage the display or crack it. LCDs and plasmas are easy to damage with pressure.

I also find using Eye glass cleaning solution from the local pharmacy or optometrist eye doctors office great for cleaning my Laptop screens, TVs, LCDs, and other screens. Plus, it only cost 4 dollars, and the bottle seems bigger then the tiny blue bottles of cleaning solutions from those LCD cleaning kits. Never spray liquid directly on any LCD monitor. Always spray on the microfiber cleaning clothe.

Be sure to wash your micro fiber cloth with water on a regular basis to keep it clean of dirt which can scratch your displays, and so they don't contain germs and odors which can spread to your display making your displays and monitors have more germs on them, and smell bad.

If you do not feel like constantly cleaning your microfiber clothe and spraying cleaning liquids onto your clothe, LCD Monitor cleaning wipes are the best option for you, but they might cost more in the long term and can be bad for the environment since you throw out the cleaning wipes after each use. If you rarely clean your monitor, or your monitor does not get dirty much this is the best option for you.

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